AppQA test run checklists help you deliver high quality mobile applications. Fewer bugs means good reviews and fewer uninstalls

One Platform
One Platform
One Platform
One Platform

Mobile App Quality Assurance Teams and Product Owners Deliver Higher Quality Apps With AppQA


  Test case management

   Keyboard driven interface for quickly adding test cases

   Export test cases to JSON or Excel.

   Scales to thousands of test cases.

  Multi-Device Test Runs

   Checklist-style test runs for rapid QA on multiple devices

   Per-device comments, image uploads and pass/fail status

   Configure unlimited local devices

  Last Test Run Status and Aging

Get answers to:

   What features have been tested and on what devices?

   When was this feature last tested on IOS/Android?

  Who ran this test case last?

  Was it manual or automated?

  Which tests have been automated?

  Mult-device Test Reports

   Summary reports with drill-down details

   Per-device status and images per test case

  Slack integration : notify a channel when test runs are complete.

  AWS Device Farm Integration

   Select test cases, available devices on device farms, and run them from the browser.

   DeviceFarm test reports identical in format to the manual test runs.

   Support for Python tests. Java and Kotlin coming soon.


Implementation consulting and Testing Services

Contact us for feature support and custom CI/CD integration with with AWS Device Farm.

We are also interested in working with QA engineers who are able to offer testing services for mobile apps (manual and automated).
Please email at or use the Contact Us form.

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